Dittel FSG2T

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Product Capabilities:
High reliability
Excellent signal characteristic and stability
Long working life cycle
Brilliant acoustical characteristics
Very low power consumption
Very robust equipment

¢ General Aviation
¢ Gliders
¢ Motorgliders
¢ Aeroplanes
¢ Helicopter
¢ Ground vehicle
¢ Ship Application

Deskripsi Produk

VHF/AM Transceiver, 760 channels, Frequency range 118.000 – 136.975 MHz,

25 kHz channel spacing, 20 CH el. memory, typ. 5 Watt / 16 W PEP,
mounts into 2 1/4“ (57 mm) instrument panel.

1 review untuk Dittel FSG2T

  1. Elizabeth
    5 dari 5


    For an inexpensive unit it’s a good qutaily radio.Delivery was rapid, it well packaged and arrived in good order.Installation is the usual hang the bracket and two knurled nuts, it took the electrician less than 10 minutes to have it fully operational.Range appears consistent with the lower helm unit, both operating through identical antennas.The nice bonus is that this radio, as well as DSC has a GPS display built in, activate as needed.Construction of the unit is good, seals appeared to fit well, and a biggie for us, the handset is simple, three well spaced buttons and a transmit key. As Hubby has a tremor this is critical, it also means for an average user there’s little chance of hitting the wrong thing by accident.Good solid functional little radio who’s performance so far is exceeding its price point.The only negative is the minor digit display size, not an issue with perfect or good eyesight but as one ages and glasses are a must, or the vessel is in heavy seas it could be noticeable. The major digit display size is fine, you’ll alway know what channel you’re on. At this price, perhaps we’re being overly critical, but it’s only our opinion.

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