CR200X Datalogger

CR200X Datalogger

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  • Ideal where only a few sensors will be measured
  • Stores 128,000 data points (non-volatile)
  • 6 Kbyte program storage (non-volatile)
  • Data format is table-based
  • Available operating systems: PakBus
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Deskripsi Produk


  • A/D converter: 12 bit
  • Scan rate: once per second (max)
  • Single-ended analog channel: 5, individually configured
  • Analog voltage range: 0 to +2500 mV
  • Measurement resolution: 0.6 mV
  • Excitation channels: 2, programmable for either +2.5 or +5 volts
  • Switched battery port: 1
  • Pulse count channels: 2
  • Control ports: 2
  • Battery voltage range: 7 to 16 Vdc
  • On-board 12 Vdc lead acid battery charger
  • Communications: RS-232

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    Good price/performance/functionality for a hand held to be used on a kayak or a small craft where occasional slhnspiag is unavoidable. Blue tooth functionality lets you store your cell phone in a zip lock case for water protection while still be able to talk through the handheld for incoming calls. Blue tooth pairing with a Motorola Droid was straight forward. Weather and other channel scans help you aware of traffic in the area. Bright orange visibility, flotation with the rechargeable pack, and burp functions are very nice to have. Included is AA battery back pack that can provide additional talk time in case of emergency. Comes both with 110V and 12 V chargers and one charging crate. Could have used a second charging crate to secure on my 18 ft outboard. Include belt clip attaches to my kayak PFD and reduces clutter on a confined space sit on kayak while paddling and fishing. Easy to maintain, just rinse off the salt after using and use the burp function to self dry in a remote location.

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